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Blue And Green - Bill Evans
Guillermo Zuñiga is an artist based out of Torrance, California. After immigrating to the U.S. from Peru, Guillermo made a name for himself as an Artist of various medias, and now travels in search of beauty wherever he can find it. His work can be found in the hands of private collectors, galleries, and art lovers from every corner of the world.

From Water Color Painting, Etchings, Oil Painting, Pencil and Charcoal Drawing, Traditional Photography and now Digital Photography, Zuñiga is constantly expanding his stock of images that range from Fine Art, to the comedic simplicity of animals. With a wide variety of subjects, and medias, Mr. Zuñiga is constantly seeking to evolve and display his unique vision of the world around him.
Mr. Zuñiga can be found at art shows across the Pacific West Coast, and enjoys meeting, and making lifelong friends and clients wherever his travels take him. To find where Guillermo will be next, take a look at the "Calendar" section on this site. For inquires, please contact him directly at: or dial +1.310.297-0460.
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